Aigang — Dev Update, January 2018: Development update.

AIX Token is 1 month old!

Coming into the new year, we have made a lot of work and progress on numerous fronts.

Progress from last month update:

  • Focus and development of our roadmap for Aigang Platform Alpha version release and Aigang.PredictionMarkets test-net release

Focus in the last month has been on working with back-end solutions, setting up infrastructure and doing all necessary things prepare for Aigang Platform Alpha version release. To those who are new to Aigang, we already have Aigang.Investment part of platform running on Ethereum Testnet —, which allows to contribute ETH funds to insurance pools and claim rewards from working insurance smart contracts.

Other part of dev work has been with front-end contractor who is working to build core web framework and handle all JavaScript activities.

There has been questions about our github activity level: our code commits so far have been made mostly in private repo and pushing code to public branch will be made with the launch of Aigang Platform Alpha version.

  • Working with exchanges to list AIX token

Listed on KuCoin and OTCBTC -> see below “Exchanges:”

  • Raising Aigang brand and AIX token awareness in core markets

We have been working hard to get our local communities set up in Japan and Korea markets. Much progress has been achieved in Japan, where local community is 450 people strong with just couple of weeks after launching official channels on Discord and Twitter. There’s a concrete plan for getting AIX more popular in Japan, starting with translation of our content to Japanese, having more media exposure and other activities to grow the community.

We are still in search for local partner in Korea market and this will remain one of core goals.

  • On-boarding new team members (community, marketing & development teams)

We want to make at least 1 new dev hire in coming month to help us with front-end development.

Development updates:

Coming in Q1:

We continually work towards planned Aigang Platform Alpha release in Q1 2018, with first part of Aigang.Data it will have a working version to discover, upload/download, view and comment on various data models, data sets and will support submitting new data models for insurance risk and products. In the future updates, these data sets and models will be used to create insurance risk models and will be directly linked with Aigang.Insurance products and PredictionMarkets.

We are putting extra effort on working with top Design agency for creating stand out UX and UI for our Platform. With our collaboration, it will bring design expertise for Aigang from creating design and UX for leading crypto currency exchange and other blockchain projects.

Mid-term development:

Our Aigang Platform will consist of 4 main parts: Aigang.Data, Aigang.PredictionMarkets, Aigang.Insurance and Aigang.Investment.

Essentially, with the launch of Alpha version and its Aigang.Data part, Aigang will be making first step towards enabling crowd-sourced intelligence for insurance risk models based from data sourced from IoT devices and/or any partner data on Aigang Platform. PredictionMarkets will be added to Alpha version after Aigang.Data release and are on track for the end of Q1 2018. We plan to update on exact release dates and will invite to participate in testing out our release.


We will be working to get the data from our PoC apps smart contracts (more than 2500 smart insurance contracts on Ethereum Testnet, see picture below) on our Alpha version release. On our pipeline for mid-term development is to build concept for getting crop scouting data on Aigang Platform from our partnership with Skyglyph. Also, we are already in talks with one more company for similar partnership structure — bringing real world data on Aigang Platform and on blockchain. We have been following with great interest other projects and their developments that aim to create data marketplaces and exchanges on blockchain, which can become data providers for Aigang Platform, eg. Ocean Protocol or Bottos AI. It is still to early to start thinking about real uses cases, however we keep this in line to always stay relevant with future blockchain ecosystem developments.

AIX Token

The last month has seen big growth in Aigang social channels: Twitter followers is up to 7400, Telegram channel to 3900 and Reddit with 600.


The biggest event of the month for AIX token was trading launch on KuCoin exchange. Looking back, it was to say the least one of most eventful 2 weeks for Aigang team after AIX opened BTC and ETH trading pairs: high trading volumes, price volatility and growth of interest for AIX token with huge amounts of trading discussions (from moon to lambo to beach and back). We are happy to have kept our promise for listing AIX token on major exchange and will continue working to list AIX on new exchanges. The current mood of crypto markets in January was a bit of stumble for our talks with new exchanges, but we are looking forward to getting more progress. Our goal is to list at exchanges that can add more demand for AIX token, especially in Asian markets, and together help expand our token holder base (AIX has 2070 token holders).

You can buy/trade AIX token at:

What’s next:

Strengthening our marketing efforts with more professional marketing, social media management and PR is core priority and will be looking to add new team members responsible for product and token marketing. We also explore other options with outside marketing and consultancy companies as a way to level up our token marketing after token generation event.

We aim to have a decision in coming weeks to start working on upgrading our website to move from post-ICO to branding Aigang ecosystem and AIX token.

AIX was mentioned:

Finally, big shout out to our community, and my personal thanks to Hez, Tomcat K, winter, Theo, Raymond, Lannoo (that GIF!), Dani - we have been growing faster with your help, feedback and suggestions!

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