Aigang — Dev Update, May 2018: Development, insurance product update

Welcome to another monthly review of Aigang progress.

During last month, we focused on catching up from Proof-of-Concept app for Battery Insurance. Since our PoC app was built on demo mode, we had to step back and re-plan insurance workflow and management of claims to fully integrate it to our Aigang Platform. This covers not only updates to Android App, but also insurance smart contracts, backend and front end new features and also release of Aigang.Insurance products platform feature. The Insurance for Battery will be available both on Android App and also from our web Platform. Also, the release of Aigang.Insurance platform part will allow us to integrate other blockchain insurance products into one platform and open prediction markets not only for Aigang products, but other third party insurance products.

Aigang.Insurance - Battery Insurance architecture

Depending on availability, this workflow from technical point of view can be covered as separate blog entry to further dive in to architecture of insurance on blockchain, smart contracts and on-chain insurance policies.

Development update:

Development team publishes its bi-weekly updates on production, QA and tasks for next sprints here —

We also expanded our team and welcome new member — Žilvinas, who is senior full stack developer with focus on front-end and will help us develop both platform UI and prediction market smart contracts. We are glad to have him joining us and looking forward to working with him from July onwards!

Platform and insurance product current state

To sum up, at this stage we have already completed or are in progress:

1/ Aigang.Data platform— completed with upload&download data sets features; uploading Insurance risk model feature; upvoting and comments social features.

2/ Insurance Risk model for Battery Insurance — completed and uploaded to Aigang.Data platform together with data from Battery insurance Android app.

3/ Aigang.Insurance product — work in progress to complete full working insurance with claims management on-chain. Available for Battery Insurance on Android App and Aigang.Insurance platform.

4/ Aigang.Predictions — finished investigation general functionality and architecture and work in progress to release smart contract beta version. The contracts are on Github —

Overall, we are getting closer to full cycle product for insurance on blockchain and with upcoming release of Prediction markets will be the first public major milestone for us.

Our next monthly update will come out in August, and during July we plan to announce Aigang.Predictions smart contracts beta version release under our test platform —

Aigang.Platform —

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