Earn Tokens by Inviting Friends: Aigang Announces Bounty Program for Demo Apps

The new blockchain protocol for insurance is a real treat for the crypto people!

With the recent announcement of their demo app launch and frequent highly technical updates in the whitepaper, Aigang has quickly become one of the hottest ICOs this fall.

Aigang is one of the first blockchain based protocols that fully redesigns traditional insurance model from the ground up. The protocol features include risk management and assessment, coupled with automated data gathering from devices, instant payouts and more, all governed by smart contracts. Aigang focuses heavily on the community with its wide selection of bounty programs and sponsorship to events like hackathons.

The team announced the referral program in their recent demo app. It currently allows users to invite others through a unique link that is stored in each app installation. For every person the user invites, they will earn a stake from a total pool of 2% of all issued tokens. Sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t!

The business developer Augustas Staras claims:

“We’d rather have a community to promote the Aigang through word of mouth than spend on paid advertising.”

Nonetheless, this is a unique opportunity to earn some tokens by just inviting friends.

To start inviting, all one has to do is download the application on the smartphone:

Apple App Store:


Users can access the terms and conditions of the bounty program by visiting Aigang’s official bounty page.

About Aigang Network

The Aigang Network’s blockchain protocol offers next-generation digital insurance for Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices using Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and smart contracts. The company is making a huge headway into the InsurTech segment, preparing itself for the new wave of technology changes bound to happen in the near future.

More about Aigang — http://bit.ly/AigangWebsite
Aigang Whitepaper — http://bit.ly/2hwAtkt
Aigang on Telegram — http://bit.ly/AigangTelegram
Get Aigang Latest Updates — http://bit.ly/AigangUpdates
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