Pools architecture

Pools is a tool which allows contributors to participate into insurance product reserves. Full idea:


Domain Language:

  • Pool — the collected amount of AIX tokens dedicated for the product.
  • Contribution — your receipt approving participation in the pool.
  • Reward — an amount of AIX tokens returned to the contributor.

The pool will be a limited amount and limited time bucket where Contributors can put their tokens. After one of the limits will be reached all collected tokens will be sent to the insurance product and act as a reserve. After the end of the insurance product (last policy will expire) all reserves will return to the pool and will be distributed to contributors.

In first version reward calculation formula will be very simple:

Reward calculation

Smart contracts structure:

The main contract will be Pools. This contract will act as a storage and will store pools list and each contribution. It will be fully transparent and auditable structure. PrizeCalculator contract will store Reward calculation formula.

All code is public and can be found at our 
GitHub repository: 
full documentation: https://aigang.readthedocs.io/en/latest/platform/pools/architecture.html

Currently Pools integration with Insurance product we will left as a manual process. We want to be safe in all calculations and processes before automating this process.

Our platform API will work on top of this contracts structure and provide the ability to integrate this functionality with 3rd party software.

Web platform will work on top of this API and this feature currently is clickable in the test platform.