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Jonas Ellison
Apr 29, 2015 · Unlisted

My story (and what to expect here)

Hey there. Jonas Ellison here. Welcome to Aiki Living.

O’Sensei throwing a dude across the mat.
Koichi Tohei

Seeing the Opening

Fast forward a few years and I found myself in a place where I was making decent money and had found, what looked to be, a great Aikido dojo. I thought I’d check it out…

I’m In…

Joe sat there and watched class with me. We watched Vince Sensei call numerous students up to perform techniques with them. Students with black hakama(Japanese pleated baggy pants which, in this dojo, were worn by higher ranked students), were thrown faster than those without the hakama, and it was cool to see the head instructor customize the technique with the student he’d called up.


The art changed my life almost immediately. I began seeing things and thinking of things differently.

Enter: AikiLiving

I created this blog to chronicle my meditations about the art and how it applies to life off the mat. After all, the mat is just a laboratory where we experiment with ki in a controlled environment of staged conflict. It’s what we do with it off the mat that counts.


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