Introducing ORE ID: One-click Login for dApps

ORE Network
Sep 13, 2018 · 4 min read

Announcing ORE ID: Simple, secure one-click login for blockchain-based apps via GitHub, Google, Facebook, etc.

As a developer-first company (more about that here), we’re focused on making blockchain and cryptocurrency way easier for developers and users.

Today we’re announcing a new decentralized service (dService) that makes mass market adoption possible for developers, enabling them to:

  • Give users simple, one click sign-up for your dApp
  • Add your own custom cryptocurrency to any existing app
  • Airdrop tokens to your new users

More details below — but first, a quick look at how we got here:

Making Blockchain Applications Easy for Developers

We started with the Open Rights Exchange (ORE) Protocol, a powerful protocol that bridges the gap between blockchain and the real world as we know it today. The first of its kind, ORE Protocol has the flexibility to:

  • Enable any asset or service that can be represented as an API to be managed on blockchain — AKA “tokenized”
  • Provide blockchain-based identity services to manage these tokenized assets
  • Simplify the sale and payment of tokenized assets and services

The ORE protocol is an open source, shared infrastructure that standardizes these three functions, offloading the work of access control to the blockchain, and allowing software services to be quickly and seamlessly tied together — unlocking the potential for thousands of new business models to bloom. For instance, see how Hubble astronomers are using the ORE Protocol to accelerate space research: CoinDesk.

Our next step was to roll out, a marketplace for blockchain-enabled APIs.

We built the ORE protocol to do all the heavy lifting; however, it’s our super simple front-end UI that allows developers to use cryptocurrency and smart contracts as easily as shopping on Amazon — the solution for mass adoption. provides a suite of decentralized services (dServices), the building blocks for developers to easily use the protocol to build the decentralized ecosystem without having to deal with the crypto-world’s complexity. Developers can use the suite of AIKON-created dServices or create, operate and monetize their own dServices.

The first AIKON-created dService uses the very same login technology we use to make it easy for anyone to easily access

Enter ORE ID: Single-Click, Secure Login for dApps

ORE ID is a simple dService that allows anyone to access your dApp with one click-sign up — using a flow they’re already familiar with. ORE ID allows developers to use Google, Facebook, Github and other standard logins to access your dApp — as easily as the standard apps they’re using already.

Also — it allows any app to add their own cryptocurrency and airdrop tokens to their users!

This functionality is useful for two reasons:

For anyone new to blockchain (i.e nearly everyone), ORE ID removes a massive friction point. Even the most popular dApps see 99% of users churn when presented with a request for a cryptocurrency wallet at login. For any developer who wants to earn real revenue and grow their user base, the sign up flow for real customers has to be simplified. No business can afford to lose 99% of traffic at the gate.

And imagine if any app could create their own cryptocurrency easily! Developers could create in-app branded currency, keeping their users in their app; allow for in-app transactions without charging fees and even create new business models with their currency!

How it works:

Capture Identity Data

ORE ID connects a user’s name, email and picture, from the social login of choice to their secure account. Easy logins mean better conversion rates and more users!

Wallet Creation & Transaction

Users of ORE ID are given a new account on the ORE Blockchain* that connects their identity data to this account. The wallet password is used to encrypt the private key, allowing only the password holder to make transactions. Unencrypted passwords and private key are never stored anywhere by AIKON.

ORE ID Cryptocurrency

Users are given YOUR branded tokens (your logo, your name) on the ORE blockchain.

Token Airdrops

Set any number of tokens to be automatically added to the wallets of your users when they register. Get users in the door and using the system with almost no friction!

Who it’s for:

Our first use case is for developers – EOS developers who haven’t yet created their own cryptocurrency, and developers who have existing apps who would love the benefit of cryptocurrency without all the work.

But our ultimate goal is to make it easy for everyone. If you have a different use case, we want to talk to you to learn which environment to support next.

To request alpha access to ORE ID go here >> ORE ID

Our vision is to provide all developers with a more streamlined login and wallet creation process, making it easy for anyone to use a decentralized product or service — and opening the door for mass adoption of blockchain!


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