AIM2Flourish’s Work with Medtronic Foundation Featured in IMPACT 2030 Newsletter

Claire Sommer
Mar 29, 2018 · 3 min read

This article originally appeared in the March 2018 IMPACT 2030 newsletter to its network of corporate members

Activating Medtronic Volunteers around the Global Goals
By Jennifer Chavez Rubio, Senior Director, Global Volunteer Engagement, Medtronic Foundation

Imagine what might be possible if, by 2030, employees around the world felt connected to the Sustainable Development Goals, acted on them, and shared how their volunteer efforts contribute to achieving them? We’d be that much closer to ensuring good health and well-being to every person on this planet, as well as the other 16 interconnected challenges we’re determined to achieve.

As a Founding Partner of IMPACT2030 Medtronic believes that if the world community — both public and private sectors — pulls together, we can multiply our collective actions and strengths toward shared pursuit of global good. That’s the inspiration that guided us to partner with IMPACT2030 and AIM2Flourish to develop Introducing the Global Goals. With these materials in tow, we then rolled out a new stakeholder learning program for our 84,000+ employees and retirees to great success.

Medtronic Employees Learn about the UN Global Goals and how th

About Introducing the Global Goals
We developed Introducing the Global Goals in partnership with IMPACT2030 and the educational initiative AIM2Flourish, based in Cleveland, Ohio at the Weatherhead School of Management’s Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit. The toolkit is part of IMPACT2030’s broader Employees for the Global Goals resources which were launched at the United Nations Global Compact Leaders’ Summit in New York City in September 2017. Introducing the Global Goals is an in-office, self-guided toolkit to educate colleagues on the Global Goals framework and spark idea-sharing through the provided slides, Facilitator Guide, and links to videos and online resources.

Led by an employee, participants explore how their company supports the SDGs and how their own community involvement and volunteering advance the Global Goals and amplify positive impact locally and globally. The multi-lingual and open-source materials are available at

Global Goals Training Comes to Life at Medtronic
This Fall, Medtronic locations from Chile to Jordan to Switzerland to New Hampshire hosted Introducing the Global Goals workshops. In celebration of this initiative and in conjunction with International Volunteer Day on December 5, Medtronic’s trained Global Goals facilitators hosted 12 sessions with more than 200 employee attendees. In preparation for the workshops, nearly 50 employees attended three live Global Goals Facilitator training sessions where Medtronic staff and IMPACT2030 staff introduced the curriculum and provided attendees the information and tools needed to lead the workshops in their own offices.

“We really enjoyed presenting the Introducing the Global Goals Workshop at our site today. The materials were so well put together with very impactful videos — it is a powerful toolkit for raising awareness.”
— Medtronic Employee

This is only the first step into helping Medtronic employees, patients, and communities take action to achieve the Global Goals by connecting them to their potential to be Global Goals Leaders in their own communities. Next steps include inspiring another wave of Medtronic stakeholders to become trained and train others this spring as we kick off our exciting new year of volunteering.

We look forward to our ongoing partnership with IMPACT2030, AIM2Flourish and other IMPACT2030 member organizations to achieve healthier communities all around the world. Are you ready to get your employees involved with Employees for the Global Goals (#Employees4SDGs)?

Access the resources here and get started today!

AIM2Flourish is an initiative of the Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit at the Weatherhead School of Management — Case Western Reserve University. Please contact AIM2Flourish Director Claire Sommer at to learn more.


Welcome to AIM2Flourish’s Medium site.


Welcome to AIM2Flourish’s Medium site. We are the world’s first higher-education curriculum, story platform, and prize for the Global Goals. AIM2Flourish is an initiative of the Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit at the Weatherhead School of Management