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Highlights of Day 1 of CDP Week 2022 🔥

Day 1 of CDP Week has ended!
Join tomorrow 👉

You can now watch the recording of Day 1 of the Twilio Segment CDP Week Summer Edition 2022, click HERE.

A few highlights from this morning (Tweet it?🐥):

🔥 No more renting your customers from large tech companies. Use your own data and create even more target engagement directly.

🔥 Enhanced relevance to the customer is what drives better conversion. (Domino’s example using Segment)

🔥 Over 50% of businesses we surveyed are not ready for 1st party data in replacement of 3rd party data.

🔥 Take the idea and connect it to daily experiences.

🔥 We need to look at a greater context that just looking at plain data. Intuition plays an important role.

🔥 CDP functions are the top challenges for marketers like customer data integration, application integration, identity, privacy and consent management etc.

IDC, Gerry Murray presentation during Day 1 of CDP Week

🔥 CDPs deliver the depth and breadth of data services essential for customer experience management

🔥 2023 is the end of the road for tracking cookies.

🔥 1st party data is data collected by you and shared by your customers. 1st party date help improve accuracy, increase ROAS, and give a clean complete view.

👉 Tomorrow’s Agenda

Remarks from Steve Davito

June 22, 12pm EDT | 9am PDT

In the kickoff to CDP Week: Summer Edition Day 2, we’ll hear from Steve Davito, GM for Twilio Data and Growth Platform, who will share the most important learnings we’ve gained from our customers.

Discussion: 3rd Annual State of Personalization Report 2022

June 22, 12:15pm EDT | 9:15am PDT

Join a discussion with Twilio Engage GM, Kathryn Murphy and Tess Mercer, Head of Marketing Ops at Box on our 3rd annual State of Personalization Report featuring top market trends. Learn key insights on the latest consumer preferences.

Live Podcast: Good Data, Better Marketing

June 22, 1pm EDT | 10am PDT

A live recording and the official launch of Twilio Segment’s new podcast: Good Data, Better Marketing with Ted Chi, Digital Marketing Executive. Tune in for a conversation on building best-in-class customer experiences in a digital first world.

Deep dive: What’s new for developers

June 22, 2pm EDT | 11am PDT

Learn what we recently launched: next generation libraries and SDKs. This is a deep dive for developers working with Twilio Segment CDP, including insights from three guest speakers: Taylor Cronk, CRM Lead at Orchard, Ramsay Shiells, Tech Lead at BrewDog PLC, and Josh Hicks, Director, Marketing Operations, at Cloudera.

Slices with Segment: Developer Stories and Demo Showcase

June 22, 3pm EDT | 12pm PDT

Our developer community is gathering for an interactive showcase featuring Hunter Medney, Chief Architect, Growth and Ecosystem Data Services at IBM, Ferruccio Balestreri, Co-Founder and CTO at, and Kevin Gammariello, VP Product Analytics & Engagement at Suzy. Whether you’re interested in managing your configuration as code or convincing your manager that you need Segment, we’ll share ideas here that can help you win.

Panel Discussion: Reaching your Customer Data Maturity

June 22, 4pm EDT | 1pm PDT

Learn the blueprint for your data journey. This live panel, featuring Victoria Hammond, SVP of Marketing at World Finance and George Chen, AVP of Professional Services at Twilio Segment will cover best practices on what companies do at each stage of their customer data maturity.



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