How could Santa leverage Blockchain & AI?

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How could Santa leverage Blockchain & AI?

Until now, Santa have faced a series of challenges that seemed insurmountable, such as knowing the children’s requests in detail and being able to cross-check them with their good behavior during the year, but in a safe, reliable manner and without compromising the children’s personal data as well as complying with the new data regulations such as the European GDRP and the US Data Protection.

And especially to do it efficiently and in time, that is why Santa has continued to modernize and incorporate new technologies to give each child what they really want, as well as their parents and society in general.

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Artificial intelligence

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First, using artificial intelligence solutions, they are able to take all the data from the channels where children interact, which today are mostly digital, such as social networks, text messages, game forums and adding them to create large segments according to their location. in the country, socio-economic level, type of family to which they belong, number of siblings, tastes, price of gifts according to the level of expenditure for the family and age, among other relevant variables.

Together with their characteristics they combine it with their school performance, their collaboration in the household activities, development perspectives and areas of opportunity in terms of learning and training.

Once that is done, of all the available gifts, they look for the ones that meet the criteria of each kid to choose the best while validating certain restrictions such as quantity, price and popularity.

To understand the conversations that are taking place both among children and among adults related to Christmas, natural language understanding is used to achieve the understanding of what they are saying but not only literally but understanding the context of the conversations and the sentiment they have to obtain the best findings and give exactly the main trends of the moment.

Using machine learning models on all these data you can get accurate answers regarding the ideal gift for each child according to what they want, their compliance with the rules at home and purchasing power of the family.

In this way, the demand for presents can be predicted and production, distribution and transportation costs associated with Christmas could be reduced; at the same time that a complete satisfaction of the children is achieved by obtaining the best gift just in time while keeping their illusion alive.


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For the part of the data that is not completely digital and the precose follow-up of the gifts and personal identification data of each child and family, Santa is using Blockchain-based solutions to have an accurate and reliable follow-up of their processes. throughout the entire value chain they have.

Smart Contracts

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For children who still write their paper letters and those who do it digitally, they can verify that what they ask for is what they receive and that they have fully complied with their obligations as children, such as making their bed, getting good grades and eating all your vegetables.

Therefore the system based on Smart Contracts on Blockhain allows the unalterable record of what each infant asks Santa, so that there are no changes or misunderstandings with what they receive although it is possible to make changes or changes that are registered without modifying the original request.

With smart contracts you can ensure that the gifts are released to be delivered to children as soon as it is verified that they have fulfilled what is expected of them and this is registered in the system for further verification.

This will ensure that gifts are only given to the children who deserve them.

Personal information

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In the sensitive information piece, the solution based on Blockchain will allow the entire value chain to collaborate to deliver the desired gift without having access to individual data that will be protected at all times by means of powerful encryption schemes to avoid misuse.


Thus, once again we see how Santa seeks to always be at the forefront to give the best service to their main clients, the children of the world and their parents.

Using innovative solutions to control their processes and simplify them so they can dedicate themselves to what they do best: create a happy childhood and deliver smiles.