Counting Down the Top 5 Reasons for Team Building

The tricks, the pitfalls, and how to use it effectively

John Abi Farah
Jul 3, 2018 · 3 min read

Ask yourself one question: What is the biggest asset for any company to have?

A large amount of capital? The interest and financial backing of many investors?

Not really. While those are definitely important, the one asset no company can thrive without are its employees. ­Think about how much time and money you spend hiring the right people. Think about the effort you put into training them, and the trust you place in their potential. As an employer, the people who work for you are your biggest asset.

While some believe that a company’s growth is directly related to its financial capital and investments, the company performance and stability, however, is directly related to the performance level of its employees.

One way to invest in your team’s performance is to encourage team building. Right now, many employers, or even employees, might roll their eyes and think that team building is just a nice break from work. However, it has a serious purpose and many benefits.

Let’s count these benefits down:

5. Increased morale

As obvious as it is, team building activities are an excellent icebreaker and help employees get to know one another on a personal level. Getting to know each other, making friends, and socializing are some of the best ways to increase morale in the office.

4. Improved communication

One of the key benefits of a well-planned team building activity is improved communication between employees. Fun and engaging activities generate a lot of enthusiasm. They help break down fences and walls of mistrust and encourage team members to work together towards achieving a common goal. The end result is easy to see; improved communication and better problem-solving skills.

3. Collaboration and bonding

Nothing creates a stronger bond more than collaborating towards a common goal. Playing games and competing between teams is an excellent bonding activity. The only pitfall is that if a team loses, it could create a sense of “not good enough.” That, however, can easily be diluted by focusing on the engagement and effort rather than the end result.

2. Boosting teamwork and performance

After a successful team building activity, team members start to develop trust between one another. They recognize each other’s strengths and interests, and it’s that understanding that helps them work even better together, thus boosting their performance all around.

1. Generates enthusiasm and happiness

Everyone wants to work in a friendly environment. I don’t think there’s a single person on this planet that doesn’t enjoy working in a company that makes them feel comfortable, happy, praised, and trusted. Team building can help accomplish all of the above! Ultimately, it can increase employee enthusiasm, keeping everyone mostly happy and always giving their best.

When planned properly with specific goals, that nice break from work can turn into a powerful tool that helps raise your employee’s passion for the job and ultimately push your company forward.

Still think that team building is just a break from work?

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