Getting Closer with Our Team

A beautiful day with a few unexpected surprises

John Abi Farah
Jul 3, 2018 · 2 min read

Getting to know the fun side of your co-workers is always invigorating; however getting to know the fun side of your boss is probably the most refreshing feeling you’ll ever experience! That didn’t come as a surprise to us though, here at Aimee we’re already a tightly knit team.

What did come as a surprise, however, was discovering that some of us had some unexpected talents including an unaware professional bowler.

Let’s rewind back.

Our team building day started out at the office. We’re used to our daily huddles, but this time we sat down in a circle and just shared some stories about each other; stories that we’re proud of. The more the stories rolled, the more we saw each other laugh, smile, and be amazed. I was literally watching bonds being formed while existing ones grew even stronger.

We then set out and carpooled to Link, our resident arcade, and bowling alley. Upon our arrival, we set out into three different bowling teams, with four members in each team. The goal was simple: the team with the most number of points wins.

It was then the surprises started rolling towards the bowling pins. Tony, our CEO who we fondly call Doc, barely played before but was scoring one strike after another. Armand, one of Aimee’s interns, was right behind him. The heat was on. Before we knew it, the game became a high five event, with each team forgetting about their score and just cheering for anyone who would hit a strike or a spare. All while encouraging anyone who hits the bowling pins with a fashion. It wasn’t just bowling prodigies that came to light; we also discovered some snooker and 8-ball sensations.

A couple of hours later, we headed over to a traditional Lebanese restaurant and sat down for a nice lunch. Little did we noticed that we were still asking each other questions, still getting to know one another. A few laughs here, some fun there, we were developing a stronger bond without even realizing.

The following Monday we returned to work. The change was immediately noticed. Our enthusiasm was at an all-time high, our communication skills became even smoother, and our overall performance was drastically increased.

It was then we realized that we weren’t just co-workers anymore. After that great team building day, our already established team had become something more: we have become a cohesive unit.

Aimee's Blog

Aimee is a digital space for youth to create bios, showcasing their passions, activities and achievements. Join our community.

John Abi Farah

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Aimee's Blog

Aimee is a digital space for youth to create bios, showcasing their passions, activities and achievements. Join our community.

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