Just A Few Words From Fadi Khatib

“My inspiration was Michael Jordan.”

Tatyana C
Tatyana C
Jan 19, 2018 · 2 min read

Being a Professional Lebanese Basketball Player, CEO of Champs Fitness and CEO of Zone15, all at once, is one tough job. Did I just call it a job? Well, it’s not, Fadi sees it as a passion, as something that he breathes; completely part of him.

This humble interview with Fadi Khatib, proves that he is one of the best inspiration to youth all over the world.

At what age did you begin pursuing your dream of becoming a Basketball player?

I started pursuing my dream at the age of 9. It was during my school years, when I was very much in love with Basketball and Football.

Who was/is your inspiration?

My inspiration was and always will be Michael Jordan.

What kind of obstacles did you face as you followed this career?

You face many obstacles in this career. I faced ones like failures, losing many games, and some injuries. But I’ve overcame all of them. I think those obstacles and the way I dealt with them is what makes me stronger today.

Do you believe this is a passion you love, or more of a hobby that grew with you?

This is not only a passion to me, it is more, this is something that runs through my blood. It’s my life.

Who is your favorite player in the NBA? Why?

I will say it again, Jordan with no doubt. I love him for his mental toughness.

Do you encourage youth to follow their passion? Whether it’s athletic or not.

I believe that everyone should follow their passion. Nothing will lead you to success more than your inner passion.

Tatyana C

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Tatyana C

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