Today I Tried Not to Cry Over Spilt Coffee When My Day Didn’t Go to Plan

So many of us are so close to being in need of the basics

Laptop, coffee, notebook, and cell phone in arrangement on bed.
Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

I lunged a third of my body over the side of the bed and grabbed my laptop. It was precariously placed on the floor, amongst haphazard piles of old college essays, decades-old short stories and poems, and other miscellanies I’ve been trying to…




Memoir, creative nonfiction, newsletter updates, and more from rising writer, Aimée Gramblin.

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Aimée Gramblin

Aimée Gramblin

Memoirist-in-progress with the collective awakened and awakening consciousness. Love + Courage = Love Evolution. Creativity Fiend in training.

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