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Product Update: Aimful for Slack

Manage Aimful and your meetings right inside Slack. No need to open Google Calendar.

-> Connect Aimful into Slack

Aimful Slack notifies you when…

  • you are asked to prepare for a particular meeting

Aimful notifies everyone in your company. They don’t need to be Aimful users.
We see many teams where asking somebody for taking action via e-mail is useless. Slack is the primary communication channel there. Aimful for Slack allows you to notify all your team mates and not just the ones who use Aimful.

One-click installation
It’s easy when you have the rights for managing Slack in your team

and if not you can simply ask your team mate who have the rights to approve Aimful in your Slack

— — — is on a mission to protect your time from unnecessary meetings.
Download Aimful extension for Chrome
Connect Aimful into Slack

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