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Product update: Does the host want me to prepare for this meeting or not?

Many people use Aimful to specify preparation needed before the meeting. Therefore, preparation now has a dedicated field. Right inside your Google Calendar.

Invitees will immediately know whether any preparation is required or not. If you want people to prepare it only feels natural to add, what specifically you want them to prepare.

You can go even further and ask people to confirm they are prepared before the meeting. You don’t want to find out the first minute of a meeting that only half of attendees are actually ready.

The list of people who confirmed is visible to everyone, not only the host. we believe this concerns everyone in the meeting and if you see that other attendees didn’t bother to confirm, you have the right to protect your time and decline the meeting.

Peer pressure works. And we believe it’s a good thing. As the Heath brothers wrote in their bestselling book Switch, even lazy people are motivated when they know they are among the few ones yet to finish a task, that has already been finished by several others.

Download Aimful extension for Chrome.

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Respect other’s time. Prepare.



Aimful augments your Google Calendar to drive successful meetings.

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