Aim 1.3.8 — Enhanced Context Table and Advanced Group Coloring

Gev Sogomonian
Mar 1 · 2 min read

Aim 1.3.8 is now available. Thanks to the incredible Aim community for the feedback and support on building democratized open-source AI dev tools

Check out the new features at

Here are the more notable changes:

Enhanced Context Table

The context table used to not use the screen real-estate effectively — an empty line per grouping, non-efficient column management (imagine you have 200 columns to deal with).

So we have made 3 changes to tackle this problem

New table groups view

Below is the new modified look of the table. Here is what’s changed:

  • The empty per group is removed
  • In addition to the group details popover, there is an in-place list group config is available for instant lookup
  • [In Progress for next release] Column resize — this will allow to manage the wide columns and free much-needed screen real-estate for the data that matters.

Column Management

This feature allows to seamlessly pin the important columns to both sides of the table and hide the useless columns in between.

You can also re-order the columns by dragging the mid-section up/down.

This is super-handy when dealing with 100s of columns on the table for parameters.

Advanced Group Coloring

This is the latest iteration over the group coloring.

  • Now Aim enables persistent coloring mode which makes sure the group with same configuration always receives the same color.
  • You can shuffle the colors in case they aren’t pick to your liking
  • You can pick two different color palette for better distribution of the colors.
Effective coloring of the groups is important!

Thanks to

mahnerak, Lars, Joe for detailed feedback — helped us immensely in this iteration.

Learn More

We have been working on Aim for the past 6 months and excited to see the overwhelming interest from the community.

Try out Aim, join the Aim community, share your feedback.

We are building the next generation of democratized AI dev tools.

And don’t forget to leave Aim a star on GitHub for support 🙌.


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