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3.3 — The Scientist

There are multiple paths to take if you are interested in Research

Define your research interest

  1. Basic Sciences [MD/PhD]
  2. Clinical Sciences [MD/MSc]
  3. Public Health [MD/MPH]

Research Funding

Let’s understand where the Research Funding is coming from

  1. Goverment
  2. NGOs
  3. Private

Europe More Affected as compared to US

10% Cut in Research Funding

“Jean-Pierre Bourguignon is furious. The mathematician is interim president of the European Research Council (ERC), and is outraged by proposals that the agency’s budget for 2021–27 is to be cut by €1.3 billion (US$1.5 billion), a reduction of almost 10% from the €14.7 billion that had been proposed by the European Commission in 2018”

Cuts in cancer research funding due to COVID-19

Dec 8, 2020, Cancer Research UK (CRUK) announced cuts of £45 million to its research budget. The charity has been badly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic

AAN Advocacy for Research Funding [Rise Act]



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