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Cultural Shift Accelerated

Of Note; this is part of the course:

Title: “Decide Wisely: A Guide to Choosing A Medical Specialty In The Post-Pandemic Digital Healthcare Era

Section: Understanding Logarithmic to Algorithmic Change

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We are living through a cultural shift — where work, education, and even healthcare are online! This cultural shift where a majority of our lives are remote/digital/online is clearly a breakthrough and will stay with us even after the pandemic.

My Daughter Learning Karate on Zoom — TeleKarate Classes!

This change is something that I never thought of, but she really enjoyed it!

A Generational Change Is Upon Us — Habits are Changing!

Mobile First

There has been a complete shift from TV to Laptops and now to Smartphones and the generation that we are now seeing is this Mobile-First generation.

Ad-Free Content

Gen Z prefers On-demand, Ad-Free Content and are willing to pay for it!

Subscription Model

Subscription Model is Becoming the Norm.

Healthcare Subscription model will be the Future!

Believe it or not, sometimes even Insurance is a Monthly Premium. But in the future, it will be more enhanced by Artificial Intelligence, thereby bringing both direct pay as well as subscription models. This will help patients pay and contact physicians directly, thereby moving towards concierge medicine.


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