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Natural Language Processing (NLP) — An overview & application in Healthcare

NLP and its applications are significantly important as we move forward with digitizing healthcare. It teaches computers how to read, write, listen and speak. It is an amazing breakthrough that has been going on for the past 10 years and has significantly accelerated in the last few years. Artificial Intelligence has multiple subfields and NLP is one of them.

The blog & video discusses NLP applications in healthcare:

  1. Intelligent EMR
  2. Intelligent Chatbots
  3. Voice Assistants

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“If anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind”

Choosing a Medical Specialty — In Post Pandemic Digital healthcare Era

Pandemic has an unearthed inefficiencies and inequalities in the healthcare system. Tomorrow’s healthcare will be very different from today’s where digital healthcare revolution will completely transform the healthcare industry.

Now more than ever, the choice of your specialty needs to have a visio of the future of healthcare in mind. The digital revolution will truly transform the way we deliver care and a truly informed choice is essential for 35 year long and a multi-million dollar career.

The Course divides into two Pillars:

  1. Work-Life Balance
  2. Future of Healthcare

The Course will be available soon. Make sure you register.

Logarithmic to Algorithmic Change — Industry 4.0 to Healthcare 4.0

Largest Hospitality Company — AirBnb — Owns No Real Estate

Largest Fleet Company — Uber — Owns No Cars

Largest Retail Company — Alibaba — Owns no Inventory

Largest Media Company — Facebook — Owns no Content

Largest Telemedicine Company — Teladoc — Owns no hospital

What do you think will the future of Healthcare really be?

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The above is sneak preview of the amazing content that will be presented in the course to understand exponential change and its implications. The following is just a glimpse of content.

AAN — Expand Telehealth Access Permanently

American Academy of Neurology — Advocacy — Neurology on the Hill

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