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Personal Statement for Residency Applicants

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  • You are applying for a job
  • It is substitute for Cover Letter
  • It is about knowing you in terms of:
  • Passion, Purpose, Person (3Ps)
  • One page that defines you as person
  • It is subjective; NOT objective
  • It is soft skills; NOT hard skills

What NOT to do

  • Length Max one page — Times new roman — Size 12 Font
  • Regurgitate your CV [it is after someone has reviewed your CV]
  • Why Medicine [ No Need, this if for Medical School Applicants]
  • Write about speciality — In internal medicine (sub-speciality)
  • Making grammatical errors, spelling mistakes


It is a story about “You

  • Section 1 [Person] (Optional)
  • What drives you as a person (first paragraph)
  • Compassion, Trust, evidence-based, Human connection/interaction
  • Section 2 [Why Subspecialty]
  • Final Frontier, Cutting edge in research, Complete spectrum of practice, Ability to practice in value based and resource limited settings
  • Avoid cliches’ — Localization in Neurology, Tumor diagnosis in Radiology
  • Section 3 [What — Who]
  • Subspecialty requirements for e.g. Detail oriented, research, innovation
  • Tie with your own personality traits that makes you a good Fit
  • Detail oriented, Hardworking, Compassionate, Team Player with example
  • Section 4 [Job]
  • I am looking for a program “THAT” because it meet my goals of “THIS”
  • Section 5 [Thanks]
  • I am grateful for your time to review my application and you will find me engaged learner if I match in your program and you will be proud to call me a student


  • Read, read & read — A lot of examples
  • Write > Re-write > Re-write > Re-write
  • Get reviewed for content — Only with Good friends and Mentors
  • Everyone has advise and critique (Stay true to yourself)
  • Get reviewed for writing — flow, sentence structure, grammar

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