Introducing Air — A new home for personal video

When I was 9 years old, I made a video for a school book report. I hosted a talk show in my parents’ living room, interviewing the book’s main character about her story. Thanks to some state-of-the-art editing, I played the talk show’s host and guest. In college, I was lucky to be recording on my iPhone when my friend Kenny set our local bar’s record for longest ride on the mechanical bull. The crowd went wild. Last summer, my wife and I sat down to watch our wedding video for the first time since getting married.

Many of my life’s favorite memories are captured on video, but I almost never watch them. My book report is stuck on a VHS tape in my parents’ garage, Kenny’s record-setting ride is buried in a photo app alongside thousands of tiny thumbnails, and my wedding video sits on a USB stick in my desk drawer.

Last year, Shane and I founded Air to give personal video a home — to help people capture, store, and relive their cherished memories. Working with video poses many unique and difficult challenges. Our powerful smartphones can record in 4K Ultra HD, but these files quickly grow too large to store or transfer. Our email and messaging apps restrict and compress files, making sharing HD videos near impossible. Our social apps train us to record bite-sized highlights, but they miss the authentic, personal moments that aren’t always meant to be shared. Our oldest memories collect dust in the attic, stuck on forgotten devices or outdated formats we can no longer play.

We built Air to be the new family camcorder. Our iPhone app is designed to record unlimited 4K video, without ever running out of space on your phone. Videos are automatically synced on, so you can access them on any device. Everything on Air is private by default, but you can share videos instantly with just a link. Playback is responsive on all devices and connection speeds, so there’s no complex software or high-speed Internet required. Our app helps you stitch memories together with friends, so you can collaborate with just a few clicks. You can even mail in old videos — from film reels to DVD to hard drives — for us to convert and store on Air.

The Air team in our Brooklyn office

Since launching our beta in August, we’ve ingested over 27,000 minutes of memories. We’ve built a team of talented designers, developers, filmmakers, and friends who are passionate about building a modern home for personal video. And today, we couldn’t be more excited to share our progress with you.

Check us out on Product Hunt, and please, let us know what you think! We’re just getting started.

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