Ahmad Elsokkary
Aug 23, 2018 · 4 min read

Blockchain was introduced in 2009 with the rise of Bitcoin as a great use case in payment space where it was supposed to be cross borders with low transfer fees that will benefit common users in their daily life.

However, today after 9 years, the end results were not good for the common public, users are not able to benefit from the coin itself regardless the borderless advantages nor the low transaction fees because of many issues:

  • Crypto coins volatility,
  • Crypto coins usability are limited to merchants who accept the digital coins “only online”,
  • Crypto coins overhead and high conversion fees to cash fiat through exchanges,
  • Exchanges that convert tokens to fiat are limited, only exist in a small number of countries and the majority don’t offer converting tokens to cash,
  • Even with these exchanges; to cash-out, a user needs to have a bank account; knowing that there are 1.6 billion unbanked people where 1.2 billion of them has no identity.

Crypto credit cards tried to play a role here, but yet:

  • Require knowledgeable users to buy and store crypto,
  • Long onboarding & verification process,
  • Still, suffering from crypto volatility,
  • Usually, high conversion fees,
  • Not available in many countries, especially in the developing countries; Ex: in Africa with a total population of 1.3 billion people where a cash payments is the preferred way for the financial transaction due to the limited tech.

A solution was required to achieve the initial digital coins goals to be:

  • Border-less,
  • Low fees,
  • Usable online and offline,
  • For normal or tech users,
  • Transfers in a seamless process,
  • For banked and unbanked users,
  • Within minutes.

Welcome, to the Air Transfer Protocol (ATP);

ATP is an open source protocol utilizing Ethereum blockchain and the stable-coins to bridge the gap between crypto-cash world. ATP consists of defined procedures, smart contracts and indexing engines that allow any individual or entity to start a remittance business in minutes with zero costs. In addition to providing the developers with the ability to build interoperable applications on top of the ATP that can communicate with each other seamlessly.

ATP benefits the end users with the ability to:

  • Convert their tokens to cash in minutes from a nearest ATP retailer.
  • Make cash to cash transfers with low fees in minutes (similar to Western Union) but with more robust retailers network and competitive fees.
  • Unbanked users or identity-less users (1.6 billion people) will be able to send & receive cash.

while benefits the developers with the ability to:

  • Access a shared medians/retailers registry pool and reach to multi-million retailers network across the globe.
  • Develop on an existent audited infrastructure.
  • Get paid fees for every transaction through a developer app.
  • Communicate with any other app built on top of the ATP seamlessly.
  • ATP is totally free, no extra costs.
  • Stable-Coin agnostic, ATP doesn’t force any.

Air Transfer Protocol (ATP) is

reaching every people across the globe even for the deepest spots on earth through the ATP P2P network.

More details about the Air Transfer Protocol can be found at AirTransferProtocol.com or directly to the white paper here. If you like ATP, you can contact us and contribute to the world’s first P2P remittance protocol.

Air Transfer Solution

To bring the ATP into action, Air Transfer will be the first solution built on top of the ATP to provide a set of tools and apps:

  • for developers; Air Gateway, to easily liquidate any token directly to cash in minutes from a developer’s app to the user’s convenient location.
  • for retailers; Air Facilitator, to start and operate a retail business in minutes with zero entry costs.
  • for users; Air Wallet, to have the ability to liquidate their tokens to cash whether from their personal accounts (MetaMask like) or from in-app stored accounts or to create cash to cash transfers for low fees within minutes.

More details about Air Transfer can be found at AirTransfer.io or directly to the white paper here.

If you are interested in Air Transfer, the Ultimate Solution Powering Decentralized Remittance, you can contact us for investment & support opportunities.

This is Ahmad Elsokkary, founder of Air Transfer and I’d love to hear your thoughts! Please, stay tuned for more to come about ATP and ATS.

Air Transfer Protocol (ATP)

World's first P2P remittances protocol for decentralized remittances

Ahmad Elsokkary

Written by

Founder of Air Transfer & Blockchain Enthusiast

Air Transfer Protocol (ATP)

World's first P2P remittances protocol for decentralized remittances

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