AIR WALLET 2nd Round Top Holder Event

AIR WALLET is excited to announce that they will be conducting a “Top Holder” event for our 2nd round Token Sale held on ICDM Korea Exchange.

Tokens will be distributed in order, from the highest amount of AIR Tokens purchased, during our 2nd round Token Sale.

Total Prize : 7,500,000 AIR

  • 1st Place : 2,500,000 AIR
  • 2nd Place : 2,000,000 AIR
  • 3rd Place : 1,500,000 AIR
  • 4th Place : 1,000,000 AIR
  • 5th Place : 500,000 AIR

*First Come First Serve Event*

For a total of 2,500,000 AIR Tokens, 25,000 AIR Tokens will be distributed to each participant for the first 100 participants that have purchased AIR Tokens during our 2nd round Token Sale.

Participation Requirements:

  • Participants that have purchased a minimum of 250,000 AIR Tokens.

Participation Period:

  • From the start of the 2nd round Token Sale, (2019–04–04) till the successful completion of the Token Sale round, or the finishing date.

Distribution Period:

  • Within 7 days from the finishing date of the 2nd round Token Sale.


  • Participants from the 2nd round Token Sale must hold the amount of AIR purchased on their wallets for prize distribution.
  • Prize pool from the 2 round token sale event is not eligible for the Capital Increase Airdrop pool. (Capital Increase Airdrop pool only applies to purchased AIR Tokens from the Token Sale rounds)