AIR WALLET Partners With MakerDAO

AIR WALLET is happy to announce our official partnership with MakerDAO and the integration of CDP on the AIR WALLET platform.

In partnership with MakerDAO, AIR WALLET will introduce CDPs to the South Korean market and become the first cryptocurrency and digital asset wallet to integrate CDPs in South Korea.

MakerDAO and CDPs explained.

MakerDAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) comprised of the MKR token and the DAI stablecoin; MKR token, a utility and governance token governed by the holders of MKR tokens, works to minimize the volatility of DAI.

MKR tokens are used to pay fees that arise from the generation of DAI from the CDP.

CDP is short for Collateralized Debt Position, a collateral backed DApp that allows users to put in digital assets as collateral and generate Dai, a stablecoin soft pegged to 1 USD, as a loan.

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