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Introducing Aira Horizon Smart Glasses and “Hey Chloe” AI Functionality

AT&T and Aira to Demonstrate a Preview of Solutions at HIMSS18 Conference

AT&T and Aira are developing and testing a solution designed to help people who are blind or have low vision better manage their prescription medication. The companies are working through the AT&T Foundry to develop the solution.

Nearly 60% of Americans take prescription drugs. Correctly reading the dosage instructions and other information printed on their labels is vital.

Aira develops transformative remote assistive technology that connects the blind with a network of certified agents via wearable smart glasses and an augmented reality dashboard. The agents serve as visual interpreters for people who are blind, helping them accomplish a wide range of tasks and activities including navigation, entertainment, work tasks, running a marathon, or reading a bedtime story.

One of the most requested features among Aira’s customers is medication recognition. With this in mind, AT&T is currently helping Aira develop a recognition solution that utilizes Hey Chloe™, Aira’s new artificial intelligence (AI) platform, to correctly identify prescriptions and over-the-counter medications.

“Aira was the first commercial project out of our Foundry for Connected Health. Since launching a year ago, the combination of Aira’s groundbreaking assistive technology and our highly secure wireless connectivity has unleashed new possibilities,” said Nadia Morris, director of the AT&T Foundry for Connected Health. “Now we’re back at it again to develop a solution that we hope will offer people with vision challenges greater efficiency and accuracy with medication management.”

Aira Horizon Smart Glasses — black, with dark shades, a center-mounted camera and a silver and blue Aira emblem on the side.

“Identifying pill bottles is a key challenge for people who are blind and those with low vision, including the elderly. Together with AT&T, we are addressing this problem with our pill bottle reader project,” said Suman Kanuganti, CEO of Aira. “Creating a seamless experience is our top priority. Horizon, Aira’s voice-first Smart Glasses, can activate Aira through one touch of a button, or by simply saying ‘Hey Chloe’, to activate the AI assistant.”

Aira’s medication reader will be available for use in conjunction with Aira Horizon Smart Glasses, Aira’s next generation wearable using Voice First technology. Available in May, Aira Horizon Smart Glasses have built in “Hey Chloe” functionality and will come paired with an Aira-dedicated smartphone, powered by AT&T, unlocking Aira’s technology for the 58% of U.S. seniors who do not currently own a smartphone. Horizon will provide an integrated, connected solution that enables people who are blind or have low vision to take advantage of the Aira service, regardless of whether they already own a smartphone.

For a preview of the pill bottle reader solution and Aira Horizon, visit the AT&T booth (#5832) at HIMSS18 or go to the Connected Marketplace to learn more about Aira Smart Glasses.



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