Airbloc Secured Listing on Coinone Korean Exchange and Gains Access to Korean Won!

We are happy to announce the listing of Airbloc Tokens (ABL) Korean Won trading pair on Coinone exchange.

Coinone is one of the top 3 cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea, and was launched in October 2014.

Coinone prides itself in its strict due diligence process. It has its own Listing Evaluation Committee which is managed directly by the CEO, and conducts audits with four categories through designated experts in each field. Coinone was the first exchange to establish the Research Center, publishing in-depth cryptocurrency analysis reports to provide transparency and stability for the market. With such a strong record for setting standards, Coinone is ceaselessly pioneering the industry.

Airbloc went through a strict vetting process consisting of a thorough review of our whitepaper, roadmap, Github activities and the progress of our business development. Airbloc met all the criteria and was thus eligible for listing. It is a big milestone for Airbloc to be positively evaluated by Coinone!

This listing also opens up a new Korean fiat currency trading pair for Airbloc Tokens — giving ABL tokens more exposure to the Korean market.

Coinone is very well known for its security, and it has passed a strict examination over 253 standards standards and achieved ISMS certification by KISA, internet security agency run by Korean government. It has also achieved ISO27001, 114 examination standards in regards to security run by International Organization for Standardization. Coinone is proven to be one of the few crypto exchanges with zero security/hacking related incidents by being the first Asian exchange utilizing multi-signature wallet technology, setting standards of security on an exchange.

Deposits, Withdrawals and Token Launch

Deposits will open on 30th May 2019 at 10:00 (GMT+9)

ABL Token will begin trading with KRW pairs on 30th May 2019 15:00 (GMT+9)

Withdrawals will open on 31th May 2019 12:00 (GMT+9)

About Airbloc

Airbloc is a consent-based real-time personal data exchange platform. A project that aims to realize true enterprise adoption, it has formed partnerships with industry-leading companies such as Battle Comics (Korea’s 2nd Largest Comics Platform with over 1M users). For its promising technology, Airbloc gained funding support by leading renowned traditional and blockchain institutions such as Messaging Giant LINE Corporation’s Blockchain Venture Fund, Huobi Capital, and OKEX Capital, Bgogo, Fenbushi Digital, and many more.

Airbloc aims return data ownership back to individuals, allow applications to collect and monetize data legitimately, and allow enterprises to exchange explicitly consented data with an auditable source of provenance for their business intelligence, research, and targeted marketing purposes.

Airbloc is a Reverse ICO completed back in June 2018 led by a leading Korean big data data company, Airbridge, that was recognized in 2016 as a promising technology company by the South Korean government. Since 2016, the company has been tracking the data of over 50M devices equivalent to 2/3 of the entire Korean mobile population through its big data analytics. The company behind Airbloc was awarded by KB Kookmin Card, Korea’s largest credit card company in July 2018 as the top 10 promising technological companies in Korea with expertise in big data infrastructure.