Airbloc Token(ABL) is now supported on Bitberry wallet!

Integration with Bitberry allows Korean ABL token holders frictionless token transfers using their phone numbers.

Airbloc token (ABL) is now supported on Bitberry wallet, a Korean wallet developed by RootOne, the subsidiary of Dunamu which operates Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Upbit.

ABL’s integration with Bitberry would be of particular interest to Korean ABL holders because of the following localized features :

1) Frictionless registrations and sign-ins with Google or Kakaotalk without the need to store a private key.
2) Ease of token transfer through phone number (no transaction fees)
3) Asset synchronization with Upbit in Q2 2019, enabling a convenient view of assets and transfers.

Because of Bitberry’s affiliate relationship with Dunamu, Bitberry shares the same level of high-security standards as Upbit. Users of Bitberry can be assured of its security as it leverages the security know-hows of Upbit exchange and was audited by THEORI, the world’s top white hat hacker company. Bitberry further secures its users assets through Multi-Factor Authentication and conducts frequent cold wallet backups.

To download Bitberry, please refer to the links below.


About Airbloc

Airbloc is an enterprise-grade data exchange protocol for transparent user data collection, monetization and exchange. A project that aims to realize true enterprise adoption, it has lined up large enterprises who will use its data infrastructure. For its promising technology, Airbloc gained funding support by renowned traditional and blockchain institutions such as LINE Corporation’s Blockchain Venture Fund, Huobi Capital, and OKEX Capital, Bgogo, Blockwater Capital and many more.

ABL Tokens are currently available on OKEX, Huobi Korea, Bgogo, DFlow Exchange, CPDAX, Switcheo Network, and Bitforex.