Japan and Taiwan's Leading Digital Advertising and Marketing Company D2C Partners Us

D2C Inc. is a digital advertising and marketing company established as a joint enterprise between Japan’s largest telecommunications company NTT DoCoMo, Inc., Japan’s largest advertisement agency, Dentsu Inc., and NTT Advertising, Inc. on June 1, 2000.

D2C has a dominant digital marketing presence in Japan, China, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand, and is already working with many of the leading enterprises in these countries with regards to digital advertising and marketing solutions.

Through this partnership with us, D2C will help Airbloc and Airbridge expand its presence into key markets such as Taiwan and Japan where there is remarkable growth in the prevalence and usage of mobile devices.

More specifically, this partnership will allow us to distribute Airbloc and Airbridge’s integrated Web and App SDKs to many of the companies D2C is already working with in these key markets.

Airbloc and Airbridge’s Web and App SDKs are meant to provide enterprises with a full suite of solutions related to — data analytics, digital advertising, GDPR compliant data collection and monetization features, and data marketplaces.

Our parent company, ab180, which operates both Airbloc and Airbridge, will also help D2C expand its market presence in South Korea by distributing their services and products to many of the key clients we are already working with.

About ab180

Airbloc Protocol is led by ab180 which was founded in November 2015. Today, ab180 is in the business of digital advertising, big data analytics and blockchain technology. We help enterprises maximize their marketing ROI (returns on investments) through Airbridge and Airbloc which offers:

1. Marketing Attribution Analytics and Digital Marketing Solutions

2. Customer Data Platform (1st Party Data)

3. Enterprise-Oriented Data Exchange (2nd Party Data)

4. Personal Public Data Marketplace (3rd Party Data)
ab180 is currently tracking 2/3 of the total mobile devices in Korea (equivalent to 40 million devices) and services enterprises including but not limited to:

· Ebay Korea (Korea’s biggest e-commerce platform with Auction and Gmarket)

· GS Shop (one of Korea’s largest conglomerate and online shopping site with 1 billion revenue in 2017)

About D2C

D2C Inc. operates as a mobile marketing and advertising company. It offers media operations/management, media representation, communication design, and general mobile marketing services. The company serves customers in Asia and internationally.