Announcing Codepath partnership

By Mike Curtis, VP of Engineering

We are excited to announce a new partnership with Codepath — an organization that provides accelerated mobile engineering classes for professional developers and designers — to offer our first all-expenses paid Android and iOS mobile development course to 50 external engineers and Airbnb Connect participants.

Airbnb’s engineering team has been involved in some of the most exciting developments in the hospitality industry. With more than two and a half million listings and a host community that spans 191 countries around the world, Airbnb is truly a global company. We have some incredibly exciting projects in the works and our mobile team will continue to expand and grow as we scale the Airbnb platform.

Finding mobile developers in today’s competitive market is a tough challenge. We want to get to the heart of the issue so we’ve partnered with Codepath to help train the next generation of mobile engineers. Through our partnership, we’ll be able to not only increase the size of the mobile developer market but also open up a broader, more diverse pool of qualified engineers to hire from, which is something we care deeply about at Airbnb. Codepath is known for finding the highest quality engineers through a gender and color blind selection process.

Starting in October, the eight week course will meet twice a week and will include lectures, labs, app assignments, and group projects that will enable students to develop their skills in Android or iOS development. The course will provide students with the relevant skills for today’s workforce, and particularly, for Airbnb. Students will interact with Airbnb engineers throughout the course, and we’ll offer top performers the opportunity to interview for a full-time role within Airbnb.

We have first-hand experience with Codepath’s success; our ongoing partnership to onboard internal developers to the mobile ecosystem has been tremendous. Our internal onboarding program is a four week, full time accelerated course that teaches the fundamentals of mobile development and architecture. With this new knowledge, our developers can contribute to our world-class iOS and Android applications, helping people discover and explore destinations around the world.

If you’re a software engineer with one or more years of work experience who wants to learn how to develop on the mobile platform, you can start the application process here:

Check out all of our open source projects over at and follow us on Twitter: @AirbnbEng + @AirbnbData



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