Supporting Dynamic Type at Airbnb

An overview of process, tips, and pitfalls we learned while bringing Dynamic Type to Airbnb. For you to reference when supporting Dynamic Type in your apps too!


30% of people using the app had a preferred font size that was not the default.

Font size selection in iOS

Why is it important?



  1. The unscaled units which are shown to users with the default font size, and are the values we set when creating font attributes.
  2. The scaled units which fit the preferredContentSizeCategory and are what we read at runtime.
func scaledFont(for font: UIFont, compatibleWith traitCollection: UITraitCollection?) -> UIFont
func scaledValue(for value: CGFloat, compatibleWith traitCollection: UITraitCollection?) -> CGFloat
Scaled pointSize and lineHeight vary between method 1 and method 2
Default (large) preferred content size
AccessibilityExtraExtraExtraLarge preferredContentSize



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Noah Martin

Co-founder of Emerge Tools, previously software engineer at Airbnb.