The Past, Present, and Future of react-dates

Diane Ko

In 2016, Airbnb released react-dates, a React date picker component library. The project has amassed more than 11,000 stars. GitHub also tells us that react-dates is used by over 30,000 repos.

In more recent years, Airbnb’s requirements for a date picker have changed in a way that has diverged from react-dates. If we were to have made those changes to the library, it would have severely limited the flexibility of the library, one of its key features. To better support the react-dates community, we’ve made the decision to transfer ownership of the react-dates repo to a new react-dates GitHub organization. We believe this new home will better serve the community and continue to evolve the original goals of react-dates.

If you want to help react-dates grow, please check out the open issues and pull requests — the “pull request wanted” tag is a great starting point.



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