Aircheckr API now provides Long Term Support

If you’re an active users of the aircheckr API, please take a minute to read this message. Today we’ve updated our API with versioning and Long Term Support (LTS). We also improved your personal dashboard so you can track your API usage better .

Long Term what? Right. Long Term Support means that we’re providing a stable release of our API that is supported for years, beyond any new versions of the API that would be published in the mean time. The current LTS version is v.1.5. Check out the API documentation for more details on how to implement it.

Your personal dashboard is updated as well. You can access it after logging in to The dashboard allows you to:

  • see your API access token
  • follow up your API Usage Statistics per month
  • Manage your plan and your account

We’ve automated the tracking of the API usage statistics. After registration you have access to 1.500 free API calls per month. Here you can track your usage and see when your counter will be renewed (set to 0). You will also receive an email notification when you hit 85% of your monthly usage. Below you see a screenshot of what your new dashboard should look like.

That’s all for now. We are working hard to keep improving our services. Don’t forget to follow the aircheckr blog to stay tuned.

We wish you a good air,

The aircheckr team

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