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‘A company that needs to be built’ — our mission at Aire

The reason we’re here.

From Aire’s earliest days we’ve been intentional about the kind of company we’re building.

Back in 2014, I wrote a set of core ideologies for our business and on our seventh birthday, I shared these publicly.

Within them I stated: ‘we exist because consumers face a problem.’

The reason we’re here

Our purpose is to make consumer finance more inclusive

Millions of people around the world face the rejection, frustration and confusion of being denied fair access to the financial products they deserve. From misrepresentation to no representation, all have lasting consequences on the freedoms afforded to each of us in our lives.

It’s a problem that remains (as yet) unsolved.

So at Aire, we exist to make consumer finance more inclusive.

Why? Because above all else, inclusion is vital. An inclusive financial system can deliver services for all in society, serving the needs of everyone — even those who face higher barriers to entry — fairly.

For us internally, our purpose better equips us for the decisions ahead, reminding us of what’s worth fighting for and at times forcing us to enter the uncomfortable forest in the pursuit of what’s right.

Our evolving mission

To make everyone’s income count

Over the years, we’ve learnt that the upgrading of a financial system that places the needs of the consumer first is no quick win.

As we grow, we continue to refine our impact towards this problem and with it, deepening our understanding of the market complexities before us.

Over the last few months, we’ve worked to clarify this: making changes today in anticipation of the greater impact we can have on financial institutions tomorrow. For instance:

  • we’ve shifted geography, choosing to focus entirely on the US market
  • we’ve developed our product, Pulse, to reflect the needs of the US income market — seeing the use of first-party data as the opportunity to re-define the income verification category for financial institutions

Our mission — to make everyone’s income count — now reflects the critical upgrade that the ecosystem requires. A change that, in turn, will empower every consumer with access to the financial products they deserve.

The Aire Way

The how behind achieving our mission

Some of you reading this will have embarked on this journey with us: as employees, investors, amigos — our earliest supporters.

Many we’re yet to meet: our future employees, our early adopters and our end beneficiaries of our work.

It’s The Aire Way of doing things that you’ll experience. A quiet determination embedded deep within us and brought to life everyday through our values. A commitment to doing what’s right and, above all, a shared and unwavering belief in our purpose.

We know that the practical tools we put in place to enable our team are paramount in achieving this. From our evolving approach to remote-first to our focus on employee wellbeing, we can only achieve our mission at Aire by embedding a people-first approach to how we operate.

Now, and in the months and years ahead, we owe consumers the freedom and opportunity that comes with financial inclusion — and the world is waiting.

— Aneesh on behalf of Aire



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We do hard things so people don’t have hard times. And we’re starting by fixing the income ecosystem — for everyone.