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AirGap adds support for generic FA2/1.2 tokens

We’re very excited about this one. As part of our roadmap and as the Tezos ecosystem keeps developing, new projects are appearing every day. To accommodate every project on Tezos, we are pleased to announce that AirGap Wallet 3.13.0 and AirGap Vault 3.12.0 now supports the ability to add generic Tezos base tokens (FA2/FA1.2). You can now perform every possible action on Tezos with AirGap and Beacon, while seeing your custom tokens in the wallet. From basic transactions to providing liquidity and much more.

How to add custom tokens in AirGap

  • Update the Wallet to 3.13.0 and the Vault to 3.12.0.
  • Set up a Tezos (XTZ) account on AirGap. Please refer to this blog and scroll down to the section under “Add Account” for instructions on how to add accounts.
  • After setting up your Tezos account, open the wallet and click the plus sign.
  • Scroll down to more assets and click the first selectable, “Add unlisted Tezos Asset”.
  • The next page will ask you to paste the contract address of the token you want to add to AirGap. The token will most likely be on the mainnet, so leave the network on default else select Granadanet.
  • Copy and paste the contact address of the token you want to add. Give it a few seconds and wait for the token to load up. In the example below, we use a token called Smartlink (SMAK).
  • Click the ADD ASSET button and then click the asset. As simple as that, you’ve successfully added a FA2/FA1.2 token to the wallet.

For more comfort we collected all token addresses here

If you are adding any of the following tokens, you don’t have to go through the above process as AirGap auto lists them


After adding the Tezos account, click on it and then select the ADD TOKENS button.

Select the tokens you want to add and click the ADD TOKENS button.

And that’s all!

Do you have further questions regarding AirGap?
Reach out to us via Discord or visit the AirGap help center.

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