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AirGap adds support for XCHF

AirGap Wallet v3.2 brings support for the XCHF asset, a ERC-20 Ethereum token. The Swiss Francs stablecoin is issued by Swiss Crypto Tokens.

XCHF is a stablecoin on Ethereum, following the ERC-20 standard, that has a 1:1 peg with the Swiss Franc and is fully backed by physical bank notes. Various use cases can be covered by XCHF, for example to avoid negative interest rates, to raise capital with XCHF or to buy real estate on Blockimmo.

XCHF is issued by Swiss Crypto Tokens, a subsidiary of Bitcoin Suisse. The digital Swiss Francs can be acquired directly in AirGap Wallet through the ChangeNOW exchange integration recently announced. Larger sums can be requested directly on the Swiss Crypto Tokens website.

How to use XCHF in AirGap

In order to add the XCHF token to AirGap you need to have an Ethereum (ETH) account in AirGap Wallet. If you are setting up AirGap the first time, you can follow this step by step guide.

1 ¬ Open AirGap Wallet

Open AirGap Wallet and make sure you have an Ethereum (ETH) account.

2 ¬ Add Coins

Use the floating button to get to the “Add Coins” page, look for the XCHF entry and select it.

3 ¬ Select Accounts

On the “Select Accounts” page select the account you want to add a XCHF account.

4 ¬ XCHF Account Added

Voilà that’s it, you have added your XCHF account to AirGap and are now ready to transact.

5 & 6 ¬ XCHF Account Details

Select the XCHF account to view the details. Display the address with “Receive” or copy it to the clipboard with the action in the three dots menu on the top right. Select “Send” if you have XCHF and want to create a transaction.

What is AirGap?

AirGap has a unique two device approach, where an old or dedicated smartphone becomes your new hardware wallet by installing the AirGap Vault application and taking the device offline. A new secret that has never touched any network will be created and stored in the secure enclave of that device only accessible by biometrics. The companion application AirGap Wallet on the other hand lives on an everyday phone and has access to the internet. Communication between the two devices happens over QR codes.

For smaller funds and better accessibility, both apps can be installed on the everyday phone and still profit from added security.

Read more about how AirGap works.

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