AirGap — How to delegate Tezos

Starting with version 2.3.0 of AirGap you can delegate your XTZ to the tezosAirGap baker and earn returns on your staked Tezzies.

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6 min readApr 24, 2019

Introducing tezosAirGap

We’re excited to introduce the AirGap bakery with the name tezosAirGap tz1MJx9vhaNRSimcuXPK2rW4fLccQnDAnVKJ

tezosAirGap is open for delegations and has a fee of 10%, which means delegators receive 90% of all rewards. From cycle 100–105 we have a special offering with a 5% fee.

The rewards are paid out every cycle, after they are generated and unlocked. For a new delegation the first payout will occur after ~21 days (7 cycles) and for existing delegations it is ~15 days (5 cycles) after the rewards are generated.

How to delegate from AirGap

With this step by step guide we’ll walk you through a delegation with AirGap.

This guide does not touch on the setting up of AirGap itself, for this please follow the instructions outlined in the AirGap — the step by step guide. We assume that you’ve already setup your AirGap Vault and AirGap Wallet respectively.

¬ If you’ve already added a Tezos account to your AirGap Wallet you can skip the first part and go directly to step 9.

¬ If you’ve already added a Tezos account to your AirGap Wallet and you have funds on your account you can skip the first part and go directly to step 11.

1 ¬ Open AirGap Vault / 2 ¬ “Add Account” / 3 ¬ Authenticate

1 ¬ Open AirGap Vault

Open the AirGap Vault mobile App on your phone, you can see the “Accounts” tab with all the accounts you’ve already added. If you haven’t already added a Tezos account, select “Add Account”.

2 ¬ Add “Account”

To add a new Tezos account select Tezos and then “Create”.

3 ¬ Authenticate

Use your fingerprint to store the secret in the secure enclave of the mobile device. Your new Tezos account has been created and added to the “Accounts” tab.

1 ¬ Select Sync Account / 2 ¬ Wallet interaction / 3 ¬ Sync Account

4 ¬ Select “Sync Account”

AirGap Vault needs to “sync” the wallet with AirGap Wallet, so that it can be accessed by the application that has network connectivity.

5 ¬ Wallet interaction

You can select a preference for how AirGap Vault interacts with AirGap Wallet. Select “offline device” if you’re using the offline approach or “same device” if you’ve installed both apps on the same device.

6 ¬ Sync Account

If you’re going down the offline route you will be shown the Sync QR code, which you need to scan with AirGap Wallet. For this open AirGap Wallet, go to the “Scan QRs” tab and scan the QR code. If you’re using the same device approach, you’ll be automatically forwarded to the “Confirm Import” screen

7 ¬ Confirm Import / 8¬ Account added / 9 ¬ Receive XTZ

7 ¬ Confirm Import

The account is now visible in AirGap Wallet and ready to “Import”.

8 ¬ Account added

After importing the account, it’s now available and added to the “Accounts tab”.

9 ¬ Receive Tezos to your newly added account

Before you can start delegating you need to fund your address with XTZ, for this display the address by selecting “Receive”. You then can copy the address to the clipboard or scan the QR code. Send your funds to this address from your wallet or exchange.

10 ¬ Account funded / 11 ¬ Delegate / 12 ¬ Vault interaction

10 ¬ Account has been funded

You will get a push notification confirming that your account has received the funds you’ve sent, depending on the wallet or exchange you’re using this might take a few minutes.

11 ¬ Delegate

In the detail screen of your account you can select “Delegate”, on the next page you’ll be presented by an overview of your delegation and the conditions of the baker. Select “Delegate” again to create the delegation transaction.

Keep in mind if you delegate a new so called kt account is being generated this requires a network fee of 0.265 XTZ which will be burned as well as a small transaction fee. Your full balance will be transferred to this new account.

12 ¬ Vault interaction

Like in the AirGap Vault you can also choose how you interact with the other app.

13 ¬ Transaction QR / 14 ¬ Sign transaction / 12 ¬ Authenticate

13 ¬ Created transaction can now be signed by AirGap Vault

The delegation transaction is now prepared, you need to sign it with AirGap Vault. Scan the transaction QR code if you’re using the offline approach. You’ll be automatically forwarded to the Vault if you’re using the same device approach.

14 ¬ Sign transaction with AirGap Vault

The delegation transaction prepared transaction is now ready to be signed in AirGap Vault.

15 ¬ Unlock the secret

Access the secret in the secure enclave of the AirGap Vault app with your fingerprint, pattern or Face ID.

16 ¬ Signed Transaction / 17 ¬ Confirm / 18 ¬ Transaction broadcasted

16 ¬ Signed Transaction

The delegation transaction has been signed with your secret and is ready to be broadcasted. Scan the QR with the AirGap Wallet app or broadcast it on the same device. If you’re using the same device approach you will be automatically forwarded to the AirGap Wallet app.

17 ¬ Confirm transaction in AirGap Wallet to broadcast.

After confirming the transaction in AirGap Wallet it will be broadcasted to the blockchain.

18 ¬ Success!

Your AirGap Tezos Delegation transaction has been broadcasted to the Tezos blockchain.

20 ¬ Delegated

20 ¬ Delegated!

After a few minutes a new account will be added to AirGap Wallet with the status “delegated” and the full amount you’ve had on your initial address minus the network fees.

You’ll be eligible for a payout after 20 days (7 cycles), from then on you’ll receive a payout of your delegated XTZ every cycle. You can check your status on the “Delegation” page.

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