AirGap integrates ChangeNOW exchange

AirGap Wallet v3.2 adds ChangeNOW as an exchange provider, allowing seamless in-app swaps between various assets.

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2 min readApr 28, 2020

With the support of AirGap Wallet offers now direct in-app swaps for all the supported asset: Tezos, Cosmos, Aeternity, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Groestlcoin and XCHF.

How to use ChangeNOW in AirGap

To successfully exchange currencies in AirGap you need to have two accounts of a different protocol added with one having a balance. If you are setting up AirGap the first time, you can follow this step by step guide.

1 ¬ Select Currencies & Exchange Amount

Open AirGap Wallet select the currencies and the amount you want to exchange.

2 ¬ Confirm Exchange

Make sure the addresses and amounts are correct then confirm and sign the transaction with AirGap Vault.

3 ¬ Successful Exchange

After submitting your transaction with AirGap Wallet you can see the status of the exchange on the account page. Wait a few minutes until the exchange has been successfully completed.

Multiple Exchange Options

Besides ChangeNOW as exchange provider, AirGap also supports Changelly as an alternative for selected currencies.

What is AirGap?

AirGap has a unique two device approach, where an old or dedicated smartphone becomes your new hardware wallet by installing the AirGap Vault application and taking the device offline. A new secret that has never touched any network will be created and stored in the secure enclave of that device only accessible by biometrics. The companion application AirGap Wallet on the other hand lives on an everyday phone and has access to the internet. Communication between the two devices happens over QR codes.

For smaller funds and better accessibility, both apps can be installed on the everyday phone and still provide added security.

Read more about how AirGap works.

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