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AirGap integrates the Morpheus Network token (MNW)

AirGap adds supports to the Morpheus Network with its newest update

Morpheus Network explained

Morpheus Network is an award-winning supply chain management platform dedicated to assisting companies with digitizing, streamlining, and automating their supply chain operations.

Morpheus Network achieves its goal by using blockchain technology to solve the problem of inefficient global trade and develop a transparent and effective platform for streamlining and automating global supply chain operations. It uses sidechains and public and permissioned blockchains to take advantage of blockchain’s decentralized features while preserving the security and privacy of users’ data.

The Morpheus network token (MNW) plays a vital role in its ecosystem. It powers the automation platform of Morpheus Network. It enables Smart Contracts as predetermined, automated work contracts, shipping and customs documents, and automated global payments. MNW can be used to pay transaction fees or used as a value-based utility (like cash). In summary, MNW tokens power the elements required to optimize cross-border trading.

AirGap has integrated Morpheus Network, to give users an easy-to-use and secure mobile, web, and PC Wallet for MNW tokens.

Now, over 100k global AirGap users will be able to securely store their MNW assets while keeping their private keys offline.

For a step-by-step guide on downloading and using the AirGap Wallet, please follow this tutorial.

About AirGap

AirGap is a software Wallet that turns your mobile phone into a hardware Wallet. It achieves this by using two apps, AirGap Vault, and AirGap Wallet.

AirGap Vault

AirGap Vault is a blockchain-agnostic and interoperable crypto Vault that turns your mobile phone into a hardware wallet. It does not connect to any network, irrespective of the device used. This system built into the app makes it more secure than an ordinary crypto wallet.

Transactions are signs using verifiable QR codes. This opens up multiple possibilities for interacting with other solutions and also wallets.

The AirGap Vault can be used alongside other companion apps like AirGap Wallet, MetaMask, Sparrow Wallet, BlueWallet, Specter, and other QR code-based wallets. These companion apps serve as watch-only wallets that allow users to view portfolios and initiate transactions while the Vault signs transactions and protect their private keys offline.

AirGap Wallet

The AirGap Wallet is a watch-only wallet alongside the AirGap Vault. This separation helps to provide optimum security while handling your funds.

How to add MNW to AirGap

Interested in Morpheus Network? Stay in touch.

Website | Telegram | Twitter | Medium | YouTube | Instagram

Interested in AirGap? Stay in touch.

Website | Discord |Telegram | GitHub | Twitter | Reddit

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AirGap Wallet

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AirGap Vault

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