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AirGap takes the non-custodial test

A non-custodial wallet is a wallet that gives your absolute sovereignty over your funds. Two things are needed for a wallet to be fully considered non-custodial.

  • The wallet should not be able to access your funds in any way or prevent you from accessing them.
  • You should be able to access your funds from another wallet at any time.

AirGap has no access to your funds

AirGap does not have access to your funds or limit you from accessing them in any way. AirGap code is open source and reproducible. Anyone with competent know-how can examine the code and see that the developers behind it cannot access your funds in any way.

AirGap can not prevent you from accessing your funds

Custodial wallets, like exchanges, can limit your access to your funds. On the other hand, with AirGap, you’re protected. You can always access your assets and move them to another wallet of your choice. If for any reason, a bug in the application prevents you from accessing your funds, AirGap follows the BIP-39 standards. This standard makes it possible for you to export the seed phrase generated by AirGap into another wallet to access your funds.

What if AirGap was discontinued?

The AirGap Vault and Wallet have more than 110 forks. If it was discontinued for whatever reason, the Github repos should stay up forever. But even if they would be deleted, you can clone any of these repositories and then rebuild them. The above solution may only be feasible for those with a basic understanding of coding.

What about those who do not have coding knowledge?

The procedure to transfer your seed phrase to another wallet, as described above, is a straightforward solution in this situation.

We are aware that just exporting seed phrases is not enough. Things like the derivation path are another factor to be considered. We follow standard BIP-44, and we’ve written out the derivation paths AirGap uses for all its supported protocols in our support docs.


In summary, with AirGap, you have absolute sovereignty over your funds plus secured offline storage. Learn more about the solution;

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AirGap Wallet
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AirGap Vault
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