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AirGap — The step by step guide

AirGap, the new crypto wallet standard for mobile devices.

Decisions — Do I need the highest security?

Highest Security — two apps, two devices

Medium Security— two apps, one device

Step by Step — From installation to a successful transaction

2 ¬ Download & Install AirGap Wallet app

¬ Setup AirGap Vault
1 ¬ Open AirGap Vault

2 ¬ Select “Generate”

3 ¬ Accept the permission request

4 ¬ Generate your secret

5 ¬ Read & understand the rules

6 ¬ Write your secret on a piece of paper

7 ¬ Verify your secret

8 ¬ Security level & secret name

9 ¬ Set password for your secret

10 ¬ Enter password of secret

11 ¬ AirGap Vault — secret created

¬ Sync AirGap Vault with AirGap Wallet
1 ¬ Add a new wallet

2 ¬ Select the coin

3 ¬ Allow access to the secret

4 ¬ Select the newly added wallet

5 ¬ Select “Sync”

6 ¬ “Sync” the wallet with AirGap Wallet

7 ¬ Wallet has been synced to AirGap Wallet, is now visible.

¬ Create a new transaction
1 ¬ Create a new transaction with “Send”

2 ¬ Enter transaction details

3 ¬ Created transaction can now be signed by AirGap Vault

4 ¬ Sign transaction with AirGap Vault

5 ¬ Unlock the secret

6 ¬ Signed Transaction

7 ¬ Confirm transaction in AirGap Wallet to broadcast.

8 ¬ Success! Your first AirGap transaction has been broadcasted and was successful!




Protect your crypto and store your private keys offline. It’s time to set up your safe place for your coins and get rewards.

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