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AirGap Vault Distribution— The step by step guide

AirGap is a crypto wallet system, enabling secure key generation and offline transaction signing. AirGap Vault can be installed on a smartphone and used for secure storage. If used with an air-gapped computer secure secret generation and signing is possible.

AirGap has a two device approach, that gives you added security while handling your crypto funds. AirGap Vault Distribution used on a computer, needs a camera to scan the QR-Codes. Contrary to using AirGap Vault on a mobile device, secure storage is not supported on the AirGap Vault Distribution. This means you will have to import your paper backed-up mnemonic phrase on each reboot.

Step by Step — From installation to a successful transaction

¬ Download AirGap Vault Distribution & Wallet
1 ¬ Download Vault Distribution from Github.

2 ¬ Download & Install AirGap Wallet app

more download options

¬ Install AirGap Vault Distro

Use your favorite program to burn the ISO to CDROM. Nothing special. CDROMs are naturally read-only and tamper resistant.

¬ USB:

If you don’t burn AirGap to a CDROM, writing AirGap Vault to a USB stick with a hardware read-write toggle (e.g., Kanguru FlashBlu) is the next best thing.

¬ Setup AirGap Vault Distro
1 ¬ Open AirGap Vault

Open the AirGap Vault on your computer, read through the disclaimer. Important, the Distribution is only for secure secret generation and transaction signing, it cannot be used as secure storage.

2 ¬ Select “Generate”

“Generate” a new secret, you can also import an existing mnemonic phrase. We recommend that you generate a new secret on the air-gapped device and not import one that was previously used in a device with network connectivity.

3 ¬ Generate your secret

The enhanced entropy concept adds video, audio and touch data to the entropy seed alongside the device’s pre-shipped secure random generator in order to generate a cryptographically secure seed used for the secret generation.

If an entropy source is not available, it won’t be included in the entropy collection process.

4 ¬ Read & understand the rules

If your computer gets damaged or lost, you can still access your funds with the secret mnemonic phrase. To keep your secret safe, you need to follow these rules.

5 ¬ Write your secret on a piece of paper

In order to have a backup of your secret, you need to write the following words on a piece of paper. Remember the rules!

6 ¬ Verify your secret

Verify the secret you wrote down on a piece of paper, by ordering the mnemonic words in the right order.

7 ¬ Security level & secret name

Give your secret a name, so that you can identify it easier later.

8 ¬ AirGap Vault — secret created

Your secret has been created and add to your Vault.

¬ Sync AirGap Vault with AirGap Wallet
1 ¬ Add a new wallet

A wallet consists of the public address and the derivation path of a specific coin. Select the coin you want to use.

2 ¬ Select the newly added wallet

A new wallet for the selected coin has now been created.

3 ¬ Select “Sync”

In order to manage the wallet, AirGap Vault will “sync” the wallet address to AirGap Wallet.

4 ¬ “Sync” the wallet with AirGap Wallet

Open AirGap Wallet app on your every-day smartphone, and select scan QR. Scan the QR code displayed on your AirGap Vault. AirGap Wallet has never access to the secret, the “sync” will use the extended public key.

5 ¬ Wallet has been synced to AirGap Wallet

The wallet has now been synced from AirGap Vault to AirGap Wallet, you can now use it to create new transactions.

¬ Create a new transaction
1 ¬ Create a new transaction with “Send”

To create a new transaction, select “Send” in the wallet where you want to send funds from.

2 ¬ Enter transaction details

Enter the address, you can also scan an address QR code. Enter the amount and select the Fee you’re willing to pay for the transaction.

3 ¬ Created transaction can now be signed by AirGap Vault

The transaction is now prepared, you need to sign it with AirGap Vault by scanning the QR code.

4 ¬ Sign transaction with AirGap Vault

The prepared transaction is now ready to be signed in AirGap Vault.

5 ¬ Signed Transaction

The transaction has been signed with your secret and is ready to be broadcasted. Scan the QR with the AirGap Wallet app.

6 ¬ Confirm transaction in AirGap Wallet to broadcast.

After confirming the transaction in AirGap Wallet it will be broadcasted to the blockchain.

7 ¬ Success! Your first AirGap transaction has been broadcasted and was successful!

Interested in AirGap? Stay in touch.

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