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Beacon Extension & SDK Release

Beacon allows you to seamlessly connect your Tezos wallet with an application. Requests from a dApp can be signed on a mobile, desktop, hardware wallet or browser extension.

Pascal Brun
Jun 2 · 3 min read

Beacon Extension in short

👉 Download Beacon Extension

Beacon SDK in short

👉 Beacon SDK / Beacon SDK Documentation

More detailed information about Beacon can be found in on the Beacon website.

Beacon Extension v1.0

Beacon Extension has been heavily improved in the last few weeks to provide a version 1.0 release. Thanks go out to everyone who was involved in the testing rounds and providing feedback.

Special thanks go out to the camlCase team who provided valuable feedback while working on the Dexter integration and to the Taquito team.

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👉 Download Beacon Extension

Beacon SDK v1.0

The Beacon SDK now supports all the message types defined in the tzip-10 standard including extended support for operationRequests.

Getting started as a dApp developer is as simple as.

const client = new DAppClient('My Sample DApp')

.then(permissions => {
console.log('got permissions', permissions)
.catch(error => console.log(error))


In-depth documentation and examples of how to get started with the Beacon SDK can be found in the documentation hub.

👉 Beacon SDK Documentation

Do you want to try Beacon?

You can try out Beacon by using the Beacon Extension, the Beacon Example dApp and AirGap Wallet.

👉 Beacon Website
👉 Beacon SDK / Beacon SDK Documentation
👉 Beacon Extension
👉 Beacon Example dApp

Do you have any questions about Beacon? Join our Telegram group or directly reach out to us.

Interested in a secure wallet solution for Tezos with delegation support? Take a look at AirGap.

Beacon Website | GitHub | Telegram | AirGap Website | Twitter


Self custody made simple and secure

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