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Celebrating 5 years of AirGap

AirGap’s mission has not changed. It has always been to help every crypto user to store their funds securely. It has been five years of staying true to our goal: Offering the most secure wallet available in the crypto space.

Let’s evaluate how well we’ve achieved our targets

Roadmap and planned Features

  • Introduce a plugin system that improves the security of the private key which will subsequently make it possible to easily integrate new protocols through community pull requests.
  • Improve the experience of AirGap Vault when pairing it with QR-based wallets like MetaMask or BlueWallet.
  • Similar to Quipuswap, we will add one more DEX (Plenty Defi) to the exchange tab to provide an additional option for easy and seamless swapping of FA2/FA1.2 tokens and XTZ.
  • Support for Sirius token.
  • After integrating Sapling V1, we found a vulnerability in the contract, and as a result, we decided to discontinue it without any user incurring a loss. Integration of Sapling V2 and support for multiple assets under the Sapling umbrella are both in our roadmap. Users of AirGap will be able to conduct transactions while maintaining their privacy thanks to this feature.
  • Restructure the app so it becomes clearer which accounts belong to which secret
  • Improve the onboarding process to differentiate offline and online Vaults to provide users with feedback to improve their security.
  • Run checks in the Vault and tell users what they can do to improve their security.
  • Add support for SeedXOR and Hamming Backups
  • Add support for SSKR
  • Support for languages such as Russian, Chinese, and Spanish.

Make AirGap more accessible

We do more than just AirGap

What’s your feedback on AirGap?

We decided to compile a few tweets from our users. We are happy with the feedback we are getting and we’ll continue to improve on our solution.

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