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Hey Spire, Bye Beacon Extension

Spire, the new name of the Beacon Extension. Better distinguishing and avoiding confusion between Beacon and Beacon Extension.

Since the launch of Beacon and Beacon Extension, confusion existed what the two were and what someone meant in a conversation when referencing “Beacon”.

To avoid that confusion, we decided to rename the Beacon Extension to Spire and clearly distinguish between Spire and Beacon.

But what is the difference between Beacon and Spire?


Beacon has the goal to simplify the user experience for dApp and wallet interaction, both from an enduser and a developer point of view. Beacon SDK is the implementation of tzip-10 and offers dApp developers a simple way to be compatible with Tezos wallets.

As a dApp user you will be aware of Beacon when you pair a new wallet and when you create a new operation within the dApp that is then sent to your wallet.

But Beacon is not just a walled garden that exists on its own. Multiple wallets like AirGap Wallet, Galleon, Spire, Kukai and Thanos support Beacon.

More about Beacon 👉

Spire — formerly Beacon Extension

Spire is a light-weight Browser Extension that closely integrates Beacon.

dApp users can use Spire as a Browser Extension wallet, connect it to a Ledger hardware wallet or any of the other Beacon-compatible wallets and use Spire to interact with dApps.

Other than that Spire was initially developed with the goal to have a Browser Extension that supports Beacon, Spire is just one of the wallet that support Beacon.

More about Spire 👉

Do you want to try Beacon?

You can try out Beacon by using Spire or any other Beacon compatible wallet and the Beacon Example dApp.

👉 Beacon Website
👉 Beacon SDK / Beacon SDK Documentation
👉 Spire
👉 Beacon Example dApp

Do you have any questions about Beacon? Join our Telegram group or directly reach out to us.

Interested in a secure wallet solution for Tezos ? Take a look at AirGap.

Beacon Website | GitHub | Telegram | AirGap Website | Twitter




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