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Minting and Buying NFTs on Hic Et Nunc with AirGap (V2)

Before writing the V1 of the guide to minting and buying NFTs on Hic Et Nunc with AirGap, we did not support viewing NFTs in AirGap. Since this is now possible, we decided to rewrite the blog.

HicEtNunc is one of the most well-known non-fungible token (NFT) marketplaces on the Tezos network. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to utilize AirGap to Mint and purchase NFTs from HicEtNunc, whether you are an artist or a collector of NFTs.

You first need to set up a Tezos (XTZ) account on AirGap. Refer to this blog, and scroll down to the section under “Add Account” for instructions on how to add accounts. After that, you’ll need to purchase XTZ, which is the native coin of the Tezos blockchain, on which Hic et Nunc is built. To purchase XTZ, you can refer to the following walk-through blogs: Quipuswap, ChangeNow, and Changelly, to use our built-in exchanges.


Now it’s time to head over to Hic et Nunc to purchase an NFT. For Hic et Nunc we recommend the Brave or Chrome browser.

  • Click the sync button on the top right corner, then click AirGap Wallet.
  • Open the Wallet app, go to the Scan QRs tab and Scan the QR Code.
  • After scanning the QR Code, you will see an “awaiting confirmation…” message at the top right corner, head over to the wallet, and confirm the permission request.
  • Leave the default selected options and click the connect button.
  • Return to Hic et Nunc and search for your desired NFT, click it, then click the “collect for…” button on the right side of the screen.
  • Open the wallet, confirm and sign the transaction in the vault, and you’ve successfully bought an NFT with AirGap.


The value of NFTs varies depending on the listed price. For example, the NFT above is for one tez, which is around 3.2$ at the time of writing.

Beware of fake accounts as some people may attempt to impersonate well-known artists.

Viewing your NFTs

After purchasing your NFT, you can now view them within the wallet.

  • Click your Tezos account in the wallet and select collectibles.
  • The next page will display all your collectibles.

You can also send your NFT by clicking on it. The next page will display details about the NFT, such as a short description, how many you own, and the related contract.

Click on the Send button to transfer it to another address.


To mint NFT on Hic et Nunc, you need a minting fee of about 0.08 XTZ. Click “OBJKTs (mint NFTs)” from the drop-down menu in the top right corner of the page. You will be directed to a new page where you will be required to fill out some information about the NFT you wish to mint.

  • Title: A name for your OBJKT (NFT)
  • Description: A summary of what the NFT is all about. Include your social media handles, especially your Twitter account. They are bots on Twitter tweeting out all of the NFTs that go live on hic et nunc. Through your social media handle, potential buyers will also be able to verify that you are the original creator.
  • Tags: Add relevant tags to your NFT that relates to the image.
  • Editions: A number to specify how many editions of the OBJKT you’d want to mint. This number states the rarity of your NFT, so make sure you put the appropriate and intended figure. It also determines the cost of minting your OBJKT, each edition of the OBJKT that is produced costs 0.08 XTZ. As a result, it will cost you 0.16 XTZ to create two editions of your NFT.
  • Royalties: This value ranges between 10 percent and 20 percent. It enables the creator of an NFT to continue to earn from their products even after sales are made by third parties. These royalties are only available if the Hicetnunc contract is used.
  • Upload OBJKT: Upload your digital piece.
  • Click the review button to confirm all the inputted information, then click on the mint OBJKT button.
  • Open the wallet, confirm and sign the transaction in the vault, and you’ve successfully minted an NFT with AirGap.

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