tezblock — A Tezos Block Explorer Concept

Recently I started started thinking more about how the data of the Tezos protocol could be displayed to the users in a more accessible way.

Existing Blockchain Explorers in the Tezos ecosystem are great if you want to go in-depth and get all the information you can get. This is perfect for power users that are familiar with the protocol but for a normal user it might get overwhelming really quickly and in the end hard to find the needed data.

With this in mind I’ve started looking more closely at explorers from other projects and started working on a concept that would solve these issues.

Introducing tezblock — the accessible and meaningful block explorer for Tezos

The result, or at least a start, is tezblock. Stripping everything bloated away, displaying only the necessary data in a cleaner and more modern way.

Landing page of tezblock

The landing page of tezblock

We start front and center with the option to search and comb through the data. The search bar acts as an entry point to the vast data available. Addresses, transaction hashes, block numbers can be entered to get to the information needed.

Below that we get some insights in the current cycle as well as the circulating supply and the market cap as well as the price data.

Also visible are the latests blocks that have been created with the responsible baker and a quick summary. Next to that the latest transactions that have been accepted on the chain.

Detail page of an Account with Delegation

The detail page for a tz1 account

If we move one step deeper to the detail page of a tz1 account we can see that the header has changed from the initial page. We still have the option to search for everything we’d like and also see the status of the current cycle.

On the upper left side the relevant data for the account is displayed, we have the identicon, the address, the status of the account and the balance. And all the related accounts that have been originated from this tz1 address.

If the account has delegated funds an overview is provided not only of the amount but also more meaningful data like the next payout of the baker, the amount of the payout as well as the baker’s fee. This allows a better insight into delegation and baking activities.

Not yet completely visible in the concept but the idea is that there is a distinction between an undelegated account, a delegated account and a baking account. Meaning that for these states different and only relevant data is displayed. For example if it’s a baking account additional information like deposits, rewards, staking balance, delegation status etc. would be visible.

Transactions & more
This also applies for the transactions, on an undelegated account only the transaction tab is active other tabs like the endorsement can’t even be accessed as it’s not relevant.

Other ideas, explorer & secure web wallet in one
Another feature not yet in this concept could be that the extended explorer itself acts as a web wallet without having to store any private keys but is responsible for interaction with a secure application on a mobile device like the AirGap Vault.

Now it’s your turn, feedback is needed

What are your thoughts? Feedback is needed and greatly appreciated. If you think this goes totally in the wrong direction or if you would like to see this taken from concept to development.

Quickly vote on this Tweet and let me know in the comments here on Medium or on Twitter what you think.

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