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tezblock partners up with TzKT

Zug, 18. August 2022 — We are happy to announce that tezblock is partnering up with TzKT to continue offering Tezos block explorer services and assuring high quality and stability.

Starting on August 23rd, 2022, any requests made to will be forwarded to instead. This partnership is to demonstrate the enormous potential for collaboration and to maintain an outstanding block explorer service as both parties seek to continue making significant contributions to the expansion of the Tezos ecosystem.

This partnership will not affect tezblock users in any way since TzKT offers the same service. Tezblock’s swap and liquidity functionality for Sirius will most likely be moved to another site — more will be communicated shortly.

Alessandro De Carli, CEO of Papers;

“We have set out to build tezblock out of a need to explore the Tezos blockchain with the focus on a great user experience. We are excited about this partnership and for TzKT to continue providing a tool to explore the Tezos blockchain.”

Sergei Simonian, Product Manager at Baking Bad;

“We are thrilled to see that Tezblock joins the TzKT. tezblock has served the Tezos community for the past three years, and we share a mission to provide high-quality blockchain data to the Tezos community. Once again, we are thrilled about this partnership!”

About TzKT and tezblock

TzKT was launched in 2019. Since then it has been one of the most used block explorers on the Tezos network providing a platform that offers a high level of data detail, an intuitive user interface, and a free open-source blockchain indexer.

tezblock provides a block explorer that allows users to sort blocks, transactions, contracts, delegations, balances, and addresses on the Tezos blockchain. tezblock is and will stay open source. It has an MIT license and can be utilized for further development by the community.



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