tezblock Weekly Update #4

The weekly update for the current state and progress of the tezblock MVP development. Our goal is to include the community as much as possible along the way.

Pascal Brun
Jul 15 · 3 min read

Another productive week has passed and things are taking shape. If you’re interested what happened last week, you can take a look at the tezblock Weekly Update #3. All in all getting closer to an initial usable version and a release of the MVP is not that far off anymore.

tezblock User Feedback Calls & Survey Summary

The focus on this update is on the feedback we’ve collected in the user feedback calls and through the survey.

First of all we want to thank every one of you who has spent time with us on a user feedback call. We were able to complete five extensive calls this week and gather great input and feedback.

We were able to learn a lot how these users navigate through a block explorer and which data is important to them. This helps us immensely to provide the relevant data.

Besides that we’ve also had a lot of feature requests, outlined below. We’ll definitely take a closer look as soon as we’ve released the MVP.

Some of the requested features..

  • Governance overview on the landing page and specific page with detailed information
  • Detailed baking information for cycle with detailed endorsements & bakings including graphs, balance development over time
  • Dark/light mode
  • Social Tagging
  • Charts and graphs for the health of the network, showing steals and other relevant data.
  • Tezos assets support
  • Smart Contract support with Better Call Dev integration
  • Localization — content, currency and denominations
  • Wallet connection — directly interact with wallets for ex. delegations
  • Push notifications — email or mobile push notifications
  • Personalization of tezblock ex. following accounts by having a login
  • Leave message for an account only visible for that account owner by decrypting the signed message

.. and much more!

Done, Ongoing And Upcoming Tasks

The focus of this week was on gathering user inputs through the calls as well as continuation of the frontend development.

Usability & Design

  • Continuation of the user tests we’ve completed already six user tests and will gather more inputs in the coming days.
  • Many improvements of the clickable prototype with feedback from the user calls.


Screenshots of the current state of the development on the first glance not much has visibly changed but a lot of small improvements were made.

  • A lot of smaller tasks were done ex. multiple headers introduced, empty states handling, overdelegation visibility and many many more.
  • Many changes under the hood of the frontend.
  • Also numerous styling & responsive improvements.

Protocol indexer

  • Getting Conseil deployment running on MacOS.
  • Making sure all the needed data for the MVP is accessible either through Conseil or a third party API.

Interested in a secure wallet solution for Tezos with delegation support? Take a look at AirGap.

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Your old smartphone is your new ‘hardware wallet’ Secure your various crypto assets with one secret on an offline device.

Pascal Brun

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Your old smartphone is your new ‘hardware wallet’ Secure your various crypto assets with one secret on an offline device.

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