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Umami wallet support — Beacon SDK v2.3.0

The latest Beacon SDK version v2.3.0 adds support for the Umami wallet and brings many connection and interface improvements.

We have been working tirelessly to improve the Beacon developer and user experience since we have last shared an update in a blog post, in total six releases were published since v2.2.5.

Umami — a new Beacon compatible wallet

We are happy to welcome with Umami by Nomadic Labs already the sixth wallet to the Beacon family, extending the users choice further on how to interact with dApps on Tezos.

Wallet selection improvements

The wallet selection modal does not show the QR code by default anymore, one of the main reasons was that as soon as the modal was shown an initial connection to the Beacon network had to be established.

Additionally for all wallets except Browser Extensions, there is now improved user feedback immediately after selecting a wallet until the dApp has received a response from the wallet.

Stability, state handling and user experience

  • Improved the behaviour of the “re-pairing” for previously connected dApps. To prevent the old state from affecting the connection, a new room is now always created when a connection is initialised.
  • Add “open wallet” button to “request” toast. This button will appear when paired with Kukai Wallet or a mobile wallet (while on mobile).
  • A new “Prepare” UI state. This UI state can optionally be triggered by the developer in case there is a calculation or network request before the beacon request is sent. This will improve usability because there will be immediate feedback. If you are using taquito, the UI state will be triggered for you internally.

Read the full changelog of the last few versions.

Do you want to try Beacon?

You can try out Beacon by using Spire or any other Beacon compatible wallet and youves, hic et nunc or numerous other dApps.

👉 Beacon Website
👉 Beacon SDK / Beacon SDK Documentation
👉 Spire
Do you have any questions about Beacon? Join our new Discord or directly reach out to us.

Interested in a secure wallet solution for Tezos ? Take a look at AirGap.

Beacon Website | GitHub | Discord | AirGap Website | Twitter




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