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Why a Cold Wallet is not an option but a necessity

Security is a very integral part of human life. Whenever you want to make important decisions like where to live, what to eat, and places to travel to. There’s no doubt security is one of the factors you will consider.

The Solana Hack

“Experience is the best teacher.”

Rule Nr.1: Knowing the strategies of your attackers

The key takeaways are the following:

  • The support staff will not send a DM first.
  • Always use Two-Factor Authorification (2-FA).
  • Don’t click on links that might be malicious.
  • Never give away your Mnemonic / Passphrase to anybody.

Rule Nr. 2: Not your Keys, not your Crypto

Rule Nr. 3: Don’t burn your fingers by Hot Wallets

Rule Nr. 4: Open Source is always King

Rule Nr. 5: Having protective gear

This overview was contributed by an AirGap user. Find a more comprehensive comparison here;



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